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have the same problem with them. I got mad and I filled a complaint with the FCC, FTC, GA attorney office, Ohio attorney office and my next move will be with call for action from channel 5 FOX. I have never been so outraged in my life. This entire company is an scam.Avoid them like the plague.They prey on the foreigners because they know that they will not complain. Also they are not registered with the FCC so go ahead and file a claim so they can be investigated further. You can do it over the phone the nr is 1 888 225 5322. Don't let them get away with it.

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I have the same problem with them.They charged me an outrageous fee. I called and asked credit they don't want to hear.I cancelled the service after the first call enough to realize they are not good, but They didn't want cancell my service and I had to call many times to have it done. As a revenge they send me a bill outrageous in fees and taxes.I want to file a complaint. E. F.

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I totally agree with you. The company is a scam, they charge outrages amts and they do not answer their phone after you disconnect service with them. They are very unprofessional and they have bad business ethics.Very dissatisfied.

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Due to my suspicion that my long distance bill for the period of Jan-Feb, 2010 with Modafone was overcharged, I kept track of all of my long distance telephone calls for the period of Feb-Mar. According to my record, the following discrepancies were found on my long distance telephone bill for this billing period :

"¢ Increased call duration times"¢ Charges for telephone calls that were not made"¢ Variable, instead of fixed, charges per minute for specific countries"¢ Overlapping telephone calls made from the same phone line"¢ Incorrect final sum of charges on the bill

Even though I did not keep track of all calls for period of Jan-Feb, I have clear indications that the same issues are present on this bill as well. As a result, I was overcharged for more than $120 in the two month period.

First, I tried to resolve this issue with customer service and spoke with representative Melisa, who was not able either to answer my questions nor to connect me to a manager. Then I wrote a letter and send it in certified mail to Modafone's Customer Service, but haven't got any response. After several calls I finally got chance to spoke to a manager named Alex. Initially, he asked me to fax some documents, which I did several times since "they have not received them for some reason", but that just prolonged our conversation for a couple of more weeks. In the meantime, Modafone kept adding their exponentially increasing late charge fees on my bill. Finally, manager Alex passed me to a Billing Department manager, Elona, who gave me only two choices - to pay the bill or to be sent out for collection.

After so many hours spent on the phone with Modafone's representatives I realized that the overcharged money is not worth compared to time wasted, and finally I gave up and paid my bill. Ironically, for the cheapest rates ever offered I paid my most expensive long distance bill ever, for an average time spent on the phone. Therefore, I strongly suggest to avoid this company.

243 days ago by Gigi Becalis 0 Votes

This company is absolutely horrendous. The representatives have a terrible attitude and constantly hang up on customers. The "manager" accused me of lying when I told her that a representative named Daria, or something, hung up on me. She then proceeded to hang up on me as well! About 5 times.

Not a reliable company and they block your number when you leave their company. Stick to big, well known companies that have a reputation and better customer service.


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I had a solicitation call from them, they target ROMANIAN community and when dealing with Romanians you never know how crooked they are. I told them I am happy with my ORIUNDE system and that they do not have VOIP, RO Number or be able to pay only, view the detail call list online and pay paypal instead of sharing credit cards. *** called my Asterisk system where I blocked her ars! and she gets a disconnected phone number if she tries to call back.

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I had a feeling/hunch of something and it sure it is. Their DOMAIN: CALLMODA.COM is shielded/via a proxy registrar.

For the people that don't know what that means... (I had few of these domains)

Whenever you put up a web site that has questionable services or you do notwant people to know your true company, address and phone number they hide behind a proxy-domain/registrar. If you were to send complains at their ISP/Hosting companies it is harder to do.

So ask yourself on why hides behind proxydomain, what do they have to hide?

Owner/RegisterDomains by Proxy, Inc.(480) 624-2599 Phone(480) 624-2598 FaxDomainsByProxy.com15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353Scottsdale, Arizona 85260United

224 days ago by Nea Milica -1 Votes

bagameasi *** in mortii matii si toata familia ta.. la toti care muncesc pentru ModaPhone mai ales lu Loredana.. bagateasi *** in cur sa tio bag si apoi in gura sa mio sugi! de femeie proasta care nu sti ce inseamna nu si ca nu sunt interesat.. dateasi palme cu picioarele sa-ti dau. Mincamiai slobozi de curva ordinara.. Fututi gatu mati sa-ti ***..

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This is the link to fallow in order to find out who owns Modafone. In order to have them investigated and fined you have to file a complaint with the FCC. I am so happy I am no longer with these liars.

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This 'company' has accused me of sending in my payment late. It was due on the 23rd of June, and they received it on the 24th, which constituted the late payment. I told her that I wrote the payment out in time, and that I was not responsible for the lateness of the post office, or when they deposited the check. She called me a liar.

The original bill was for $3.17, and they stated that if the bill was paid after the due date, it would go up to $3.42, however, I received a bill the following month stating that my new bill was $6.23. I called to inquire as to why I received this bill, and the woman was incredibly rude to me several times, before finally calling me a liar and hanging up on me. Every subsequent telephone call was exactly like the first with accusations flying left and right, culminating with a hang-up.

Also, the new bill came on the 10th of July, and the payment was due on the 16th of July. How is that possible? Absolutely disgraceful.

This company is horrendous and they should be ashamed of themselves. They operate in a country that values its consumers and knows the true meaning of customer service. BEWARE!

I filed a complaint with the FCC by phone (1-888-225-5322) and they are aware of this company's ill repute. Everyone should call and do this. It will make a difference.

137 days ago by Hi there people w no life +1 Votes

people get a life, no one will hung up the phone on you if you are calm and just tell them the problem. Its not worth to any company to loose their customer for something that they can find a solution. I am with Moda for long time and everyone there helps me a lot with any questions I have. I do recommend to calm down call them and talk to them nicely not offend them because its the best solution.

137 days ago by Schroeder -1 Votes

Oh wonderful!! A screen name that greet's and insults someone at the same time.

132 days ago by logintoday +1 Votes

Eu sunt cu compania aceasta de 2 ani de zile, nu stiu *** unii spun ca nu suNT multumiti, intr-adevar nu ii prinzi mereu la customer service, dar la orice companie ai fi niciodata nu prea prinzi legatura din prima cu ei, sunt poate milioane de clienti, mie mi-au dat exact ce mi-au promis, nu as avea de ce sa ma plang, biluri imi vin foarte mici, noi suntem toata familia inscrisi la ei, si am vazut ca va plangeti ca va blocheaza, dar de fapt compania locala va blocheaza, pentru ca ei nu permit SA FITI PRELUATI LONG DISTANCE, documentati-va bine, mai bine rezolvi problema cu calm decat sa injuri si sa tipi, la mine in city nu ama uzit sa se planga cineva de aceasta companie, sunt buni, asta e ultima mea parere

86 days ago by modafonelol +1 Votes

@ Hi there people w no life probably work for modafone. Everyone knows that Modafone is ran by Primo Communications. You recycle the cusotmers this way because the average life of an account with you is maybe 2 months for each customer. You not only add phone calls that were never placed, you overcharge every call, you can't even add up the sums on the invoices to a correct amount. You're nothing but gypsy scammers without regard for any human decency. Get a life. You people don't even speak English well enough to work in a factory, let alone a customer service setting.

70 days ago by Washington resident +1 Votes

@hi there people w no life...FYI we do have a life! A busy one, working hard and earning our dollars the honest way unlike the company u are working for. Don't you see we are all complaining about the same things? So, that should give someone( who actually uses their brain)a reason to believe that we all do have a point and we do tell the truth, unlike Modafone.Yes this bogus company should be taken down !@log in today.. Yes I spoke nice to the customer rep. but it did me no good. I was lied to just like everybody else. "your bill was 7 days late!!" NOT TRUE but how can I prove them? Again this co. need to go!

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I was over overcharge by this company MODAPHONE. They bill me for phone calls that I never made, at the times when I am not even home (sunday mornings when I go to church, or mornings when I drive my son to school) or before I even wake up. I have calls that are so long 2-3 hrs, and I never talked on the phone for so long, or 10 calls to the same number on the same day! I am not a talker and I am busy mom I never talk that much on the phone. This is a real fraud! I paid them for 5 months all these calls that I never made. It has to stop! I closed the account today. Hope I will never hear from them. Advise to all: DON'T USE MODAPHONE-long distance and international phone company!

Monetary Loss: $200.



Same experience, they charged you for calls that you did not made, I wish I checked my bills long time ago, now the said they can look only "last month and review bills and calls", like all previously calls are disappeared.Will disconnect, STAT


I had same experience with MODAFONE and would like FCC investigate work of this fraud company and their associate Diane.

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